"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

Thomas Paine

Sometimes it feels like the world has gone crazy and we’re powerless to stop it.


But we’re not.


We can turn things around. We just need to understand that we don’t live in the world we pretend we live in.

Like “fake” news, our collective reality isnt what it appears to be. Our democracy, the money we use, the media that informs us, and even our sense of what makes us “different” from one other have all been distorted. And we’ve been playing along.

We pretend that elections controlled by the wealthy give us a voice. We pretend that an economy steered by reckless banks gives us a fair shot at getting ahead, or even surviving. We pretend that the news dispensed by corporate-owned media "informs" us.

We cant come up with solutions to the “real” problems we face if were living in a “fake” reality.


But if we can unplug from our fake reality, anything is possible. We can begin the world over again. All we have to do is stop pretending.

If you're ready to stop pretending, join me and unplug now.


Book coming soon. Until then, step inside. Get a taste. Explore.

Get Unplugged With Me

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