Insights on Bridging the American Divide



How the political and racial divide is used to hide

the greatest threat to all Americans


The United States in 2020 sits on a powder keg.


Democrats and Republicans are locked in a fierce ideological war, the country is torn over its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cities are erupting in violent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, police are being treated as enemies of the people, and tensions are escalating everywhere.

Yet the greatest existential threat to all Americans goes unnoticed: a predatory economic system that transfers money, power, and control to those at the top while gutting everyone else. It’s a threat that’s been hiding in plain sight for decades, but it’s now expanding at an unprecedented pace. The U.S. is quickly becoming a class-based “kingdom” while average Americans remain obsessed with issues that divide them.


In a series of probing and insightful essays, African American class activist and current affairs blogger Monica Harris challenges readers to re-think America’s political and socio-economic reality. Reality Bites takes a deep dive into current events and the culture of outrage to explore how partisan bickering and racial tension primarily serve economic elites, not average Americans or the disenfranchised. 

While political opportunists and corporate-owned media stoke fear, anger, and unrest, they draw attention from the widespread problems plaguing communities of all colors: the crises in housing and education, the epidemic of homelessness, and the extinction of the middle class. And as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes our country closer to economic collapse, the political and racial divide is also intensifying — but this isn’t by chance. Elites and their minions are keeping Americans busy fighting each other so they don’t focus on the common roots of their misery.

Reality Bites presents a call for unity from a daring new voice in today’s conversation about class inequality. Harris urgently reminds readers that division is our true enemy. But she also believes America can still be saved if we can see each other as allies instead of enemies and collectively resist the widening divide.

Monica Harris developed her bold perspective on contemporary American socio-economic issues growing up in a working-class Southern California suburb. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she practiced entertainment law for 20 years in Hollywood before moving to Montana where her unique insights into the relationship between rising political and racial tensions and America’s accelerating economic implosion has sharpened even further. Harris blends personal experiences and extensive research to explain how and why, regardless of race or political persuasions, most Americans have far more in common now than they realize.

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