I used to play the game. And I played it well.


I attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School and was educated with men and women who were bred to become leaders in government and titans of Wall Street.


I was as a business affairs executive in the entertainment industry for twenty years and enjoyed the money and perks that accompany "success."


But nine years ago, I had an epiphany.


I realized I was making more money each year, but I was struggling to maintain my lifestyle. I was working harder at a job I could lose in a "restructuring." The world was changing in ways that weren't making my life better. And no matter who was elected or what they promised, the problems kept getting worse.


I realized I was pretending that I lived in a world that still made sense.


So I decided to stop pretending.

In 2011, my partner and I moved our family to farm in Montana to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle. To be still. To breathe. To think.


I still practice law. But when I look up from my desk, I see Douglas firs, white-tailed deer and the occasional moose. Free from the city grind, I see the illusions that trapped me in a world that made no sense.


It took me nearly forty years to unplug, but I'm hoping that together we can do it a lot faster. Because we're running out of time.

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