Once Upon A Time...

I played the game, and I played it well.


I graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. I was educated with men and women who were bred to become leaders in government and titans of Wall Street. I was a business affairs executive in the entertainment industry and enjoyed the money and perks that accompany “success.”


But nine years ago, I had an epiphany.


I realized that I was making more money each year, yet struggling to maintain my lifestyle. I was working harder at a job I could lose in a “restructuring.” I was spending less time with my family.

The world was changing in ways that weren’t making my life better. And no matter who was elected or what they promised, the problems kept getting worse.


I realized I was pretending that I lived in a world that still made sense.​ So I decided to stop pretending.


In 2011, my partner and I moved our family to Montana to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle.

To be still. To breathe. To think.


I still practice law. But when I look up from my desk, I see Douglas firs, white-tailed deer, and the occasional moose. Free from the city grind, I see the illusions that trapped me in a fake reality and convinces us that our world still makes sense.


It took me nearly forty years to unplug, but I’m hoping that together we can do it a lot faster. Because I think were running out of time.



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