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Recent Interviews

Monica joins host Peter Sen to discuss her book, "The Illusion of Division," and why she believes the United States isn't as divided as politicians and the media portray. This interview was conducted at FreedomFest, an annual libertarian conference held in July 2023 in Memphis. 

"Steelman Studio" (8/13/23)

Monica joins host Stephen Hawkins discuss how misperceptions about "flyover" country fuel political division in the United States.

Monica joins Jason and guests Lou Esbin and Matt Denny on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday to discuss the racial divide and King's focus on the more important American divide -- class inequality -- in the final year of his life.

Monica joins host Melissa Lopez to discuss her relocation from southern California to Montana, how she reinvented herself professionally and personally in the process, and what she learned about Americans of all races and political persuasions along the way. (Also streaming on Podbean, Spotify, iheart, Apple, and Pandora).

Host Izolda Trakhtenberg and Monica discuss how mainstream media and Big Tech create division in America through censorship and the distortion of our collective reality -- and what we can do overcome this. Listen here and on YouTube.

Jason and Monica discuss the results of Election 2020 and whether it will further widen the divide between "red" and "blue" America.

Monica Harris is a black author, but when she blogged about an "anti-racist" exhibit at an African American museum that she thought was racist and offensive, the politically-correct mob turned on her. In a freewheeling discussion, Monica discusses how 'wokesters' now sound a lot like the alt-right they condemn and what she thinks it will take to bring free speech back to public discourse.

Jason talks with Monica and Lou Esbin about the bias of corporate-controlled media in the U.S. and how it affects our perceptions of people and events.

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