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Why does a gay, black woman leave one of the "bluest" states in America to live in Montana?

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Host Jason Downs talks with Monica and Lou Esbin about the bias of corporate-controlled media in the U.S. and how it affects our perceptions of people and events.

Monica Harris is a black author, but when she blogged about an "anti-racist" exhibit at an African American museum that she thought was racist and offensive, the politically-correct mob turned on her. In a freewheeling discussion, Monica discusses how 'wokesters' now sound a lot like the alt-right they condemn and what she thinks it will take to bring free speech back to public discourse.

Host Jason Downs discusses Monica's new book, "Reality Bites: Insights on Bridging the American Divide."

Host Jason Downs talks with Monica Harris about the results of Election 2020 and whether it will further widen the divide between "red" and "blue" America.

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Jason Downs 

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"'Reality Bites' is a practical guide of hope and vision that sees a path for this country through unity, common sense, and common decency… Harris inspires us to step outside some of our comfortable illusions and become 'ideologically liberated'... It's up to us to heed the call; counter this culture of outrage and division with a desire to understand and unite each other if we want our struggling country to survive and thrive.”

Dorothy Toran

Executive Producer of Bravo's "Race In America: A Movement Not A Moment"


"Monica Harris fearlessly tackles some of the biggest challenges our country faces today. Her perspective is fresh and thought provoking. She dares to challenge us to focus on what unites instead of what divides. 'Reality Bites' offers us an opportunity to reframe solutions to help advance us forward. In a time where so much about our country is hanging in the balance, Monica’s book offers important considerations."

Kyle R.

Los Angeles, CA

“The problem I have reading this book is that I can’t go fast. I have to keep stopping and thinking about it… Harris has this incredible ability to make people think without being didactic or off-putting.”

Alma M.

Gary, IN


“This book is excellent!  

I believe it could easily become a bestseller. 

I plan to send it to my friends and family.”

Marguerite G.

Palm Beach, FL

“OMG. I have only read to page 40. It is incredible… I have seen all of this happening and couldn’t agree more…brilliant book.”

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