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Is This Why We're Moving to a Cashless Economy?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

When leaders deprive citizens of access to their money, it opens the door to more control over our lives

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has ended, but what happened in its final days has left an indelible scar on what’s left of western liberal democracy. America’s neighbor to the North passed a point from which civilized societies rarely return.

In his final gambit to crush protesters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act. It was a move that empowered him to freeze bank accounts of protesters and their supporters (many who made donations as small as $50), cancel their credit cards and seize cryptocurrency wallets.

They were left with no money to buy food. No money to pay rent. No money for gas. In the blink of an eye, they became non-persons. Ottawa police have even vowed to spend months hunting down supporters to bring them to "justice."

These people weren’t plotting a revolution. They blocked streets and borders because they didn’t want to be compelled to wear masks as countries around the world were busy lifting restrictions. They objected to vaccine mandates that put needless pressure on supply chains that were already strained. They refused to surrender their right to live normal lives while Omicron, the mildest COVID variant yet, was gifting million of people with the protection of natural immunity.

And for this, Trudeau declared financial war on essential workers and those who supported them.

His response, ripped from the pages of The Handsmaid’s Tale, clearly had nothing to do with public health. Shaking a democracy to its core in response to the reasonable demands of citizens is nothing short of madness — unless, of course, there’s an undisclosed method to Trudeau’s madness. And I think I know what it is.

I think Canada is a preview of what we can expect from western governments when they flex their muscles during the next “emergency.” Because in all likelihood, what happened in Canada will not stay in Canada.

What happened was a bone-chilling warning to anyone who flirts with the idea of protesting COVID restrictions in the future (whatever form they take) or anything else democratic governments do (whether it makes sense or not):

If you resist, we will destroy you.


Since the pandemic erupted in 2020, economies have imploded, supply chains have broken, and the wealth divide has gone exponential. We've lost lives to addiction, depression and suicide. Society is slowly collapsing on almost every level.

And it’s all happened as a result of our attempt to defeat a virus that’s mild in 99.95% of people it infects.

Governments worldwide have finally unmasked themselves and revealed their true nature: they pretend to look out for our best interests, but they don’t care about the well-being of the vast majority. The only thing they care about is power and control — and we’ve been too busy trying to survive to notice how much power and control they’ve acquired during the pandemic.

We’ve looked the other way while leaders of democratic nations fashioned themselves into autocrats, placing entire populations under rotating lockdowns and denying them of civil liberties in exchange for complying with mandates based on ever-shifting and contradictory "science." But it didn't stop there.

They enlisted the medical and scientific communities and other trusted institutions to put guardrails on narratives. They “partnered” with legacy media and fact checking organizations funded by deep pockets to combat vaccine "misinformation.” They used Big Tech to silence opinions, even from credentialed experts, that go against the government narrative.

Governments have taken unprecedented measures to not only control what we hear and think, but to even control what we can say.

None of this should be happening in a free society, but it is — because power-hungry leaders have convinced fearful people that “bad” citizens don’t deserve civil liberties. What fearful people don’t understand is that by waging war against “bad” citizens, governments have acquired unprecedented control over everyone. And they’ve positioned themselves to dramatically increase that control by targeting what we all need more than anything else: money.


For decades, we’ve been moving from a financial System based on physical money to one that’s cashless. It's a transition that's ostensibly been made for convenience, but I think it also serves another purpose. A cashless System allows us to purchase whatever we want, whenever we want, with the swipe of a card. Yet this convenience comes with a hitch: if we lose access to our bank account for any reason, we’re screwed. Armed with cash, however, we have options. We can still buy food or gas. We can pay for health care and medicine if we get sick. We can even stash enough money for one month’s rent. But we’ve become so dependent on plastic that virtually no one carries cash anymore. (Check your wallet now. How much do you have?) We’re completely vulnerable.

What happened in Canada was a wake up call: when our financial existence is completely dependent on digits in the cloud, our money is just one government emergency away from being taken from us. A cashless System places our survival entirely at the mercy of those in charge, even if they decide to stop listening to us. Want to know what this might look like? China, the training ground for former Western democracies, is giving us a glimpse. It's almost completely cashless now, which has allowed the government to adopt an Orwellian social credit system. Banking privileges are used to punish and reward citizens based on whether their behavior is “socially responsible” (Do you give blood? Good citizen! Do you quarrel with neighbors? Bad citizen!).

Some people aren’t bothered by this possibility. I have intelligent friends who discount the prospect of a looming social credit system because they can’t imagine it would ever impact them.

“I’m not worried about my government doing that to me. I’m not a bad person.”

Your government may not think you’re a bad person today, but how will it feel about you tomorrow? What if the parameters of acceptable protest change?

Could your government “cancel” you financially for speaking out against unlawful state surveillance if it determines your position threatens national security?

Could posting “misinformation” on social media be grounds for losing banking privileges?

When judging whether state action is appropriate or justified, we shouldn’t just consider how things are playing out when the people we agree with are in charge; we need to think about how they might play out when our “team” is not in power. Anyone who isn’t troubled by what happened to Canadian truckers and their supporters needs to ask themselves this question: If Donald Trump had taken the same action against BLM protesters when cities burned and businesses were looted, how would you feel?


I believe we are in the final stages of a silent war that governments, and global elites who pull their strings, have waged against humanity for longer than any of us have been alive.

The greatest threat we’ve always faced in this war — regardless of our race, gender, or political stripe — is the predatory financial System. Elites have used it to impoverish most of us in the western world, and it's becoming apparent that they intend to use it to subjugate every human on the planet.

Anyone paying attention knows that the financial System is coming down at some point in the not-so-distant future. The Great Reset that was once considered a wacky conspiracy theory seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality. Of course, the System can’t be “reset” until it collapses, but events that could easily take us there are already in motion. As the war in Ukraine heats up, and the White House mulls a potential “cyberattack” on Russia, the possibility of waking up one morning and finding out our debit cards don’t work is no longer something reasonable people can discount.

Please understand that my intent isn’t to frighten you, but to help you understand what we’re all facing. Because we can’t win this war if we don’t know what we’re up against. The next step is to figure out what we can do to empower ourselves.

Finding the courage to resist the accelerating tyranny will be critical. We can’t be afraid to speak out or take unpopular positions. We must resist the impulse to act, with regard to our body or otherwise, out of fear or intimidation. If we’re going to win this war, we need to start getting comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.

Now, here’s the good news: the longer we resist, the heavier the hand of tyranny becomes. And the heavier the hand becomes, the faster people — on the Left and the Right — will wake up and recognize our common enemy. Time will bring much-needed unity.

Elites have been winning this war because 95% of us were asleep, divided, and distracted and had no idea there was a war going on. But every day more are awakening. And they’re not just awake; they’re ready to fight. They understand what’s at stake and realize they've got NOTHING to lose by pushing back against the certainty of living in countries that are rapidly becoming police states.

I think the people who are trying to control us know this. They may be equipped to take on a “fringe” 10–20%, but if 50–60% of humanity wakes up they can’t win this battle. I think they are in a desperate race to beat this “awakening.”

In any war, it’s vital to find a way to use an enemy’s power against them. Money is the most powerful weapon of elites, but it’s also their greatness weakness. Why? Because the financial System requires our participation. And we all need to start using this weakness to our advantage.

Below are steps each of us can take to not only protect ourselves from what’s coming, but to also become less dependent on the System and better positioned to rebuild it — on our terms — when it fails:

  • Start relying more on cash and less on debit and credit cards

  • Don't leave ALL of your money in the bank; if you have discretionary money or savings, start removing it in small increments of $500 or less

  • Try to keep enough cash (in a safe place) for food and gas for at least a few weeks and rent or mortgage for a month. Encourage friends and family to do the same

  • Develop a network of people who can pool their resources and rely on each other if any of you lose bank access

  • Start buying small amounts of gold or silver. It’s more valuable than cash and accepted all over the world

  • Barter with friends and neighbors whenever possible. Think about what skills you have to offer and find people with complementary skills. If you’re a nurse, get to know a carpenter. If you grow veggies, make friends with someone who knows how to fix cars

  • Keep "real" things on hand to barter with: tools, seeds, automotive parts, clothes, etc.

  • Become as food self-sufficient as possible. Start a garden. Even if you’re in a city, get a small coop and buy a couple of chickens; they pay dividends

  • Gas could be unaffordable soon. Get comfortable walking, biking, or scooting. If you’re in cold weather, start weaning yourself off solo trips and and consider ridesharing

  • Keep plenty of bottled water on hand. When supply chains break next time, liquid gold (not toilet paper) may be one of the first items to disappear from shelves

  • Use social media to get the word out. Can we get #cashisking trending?

Most of us won’t be lucky enough to escape what's coming as a privileged few attempt to use the financial System to complete their takeover of humanity. Standing alone, we’re no match against these people.

But if we’re wide awake, prepared, and willing to lock arms with others and fight with everything we’ve got, we will be invincible. And we will have a say in what comes next.

Be strong. Don’t give up.

We will win.

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Mar 07, 2022

I find comfort in knowing that someone youthful recognizes these things. Very well written!


François Joinneau
François Joinneau
Feb 26, 2022

"Anyone who isn’t troubled by what happened to Canadian truckers and their supporters needs to ask themselves this question: If Donald Trump had taken the same action against BLM protesters when cities burned and businesses were looted, how would you feel ?"

Well said.

" If we’re going to win this war, we need to start getting comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable."

I agree with that. Life gave me a clue of what discomfort means.

Now, dear Monica, listen to this:

The situation seen from Europe is far more desperate. Those guys really wants the end of the world, and nuclear dissuasion is not going to work anymore; the sanitary crisis and the climate crisis will hit their…

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