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The End of a Crazy Summer -- and Book News!!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

How the political and racial divide is being used to hide the greatest threat to all Americans

It seems there's never a dull moment these days.

Between pandemic news, sporadic unrest, and the drama surrounding the upcoming elections, there's no shortage of things to write about. So if you're wondering why I've been so quiet these past few weeks, it's not because I'm running short on fodder. I've been putting the finishing touches on my labor of love: Reality Bites: Commonsense Insights on Bridging the Divide in America. It's been my passion for the past four years, and I'm ecstatic to finally release it!!

This book is the first in a series that will give readers a "big picture" view of how the U.S. government and media distort our collective reality to convince us we live in a country we don't really live in. This systemic and well-coordinated "gaslighting" has allowed elite interests to quietly acquire unprecedented control over our country.

While most Americans are vaguely aware of what's happening on some level, they're still playing along with the charade. My goal with these books is to encourage as many people as possible, from all walks of life and on all points of the political spectrum, to wake up and stop pretending. Because I believe that once we stop pretending, we can reclaim our country and our lives.

I decided to present this information in "bite"-sized pieces because it's difficult to convey the complexity of what we're dealing with in a single book. My hope is that Reality Bites will make readers think, challenge their assumptions, and even invite them to question their reality. My hunch is that it's best to take this thought-provoking journey in short legs. This will give readers time to enjoy the scenery rather than experience the trip in one long ride that might overwhelm them.

My next book (which I'm already working on!) will take readers a level deeper and drill down into the source of elite power and the root cause of all our systemic problems: money. But you won't have to wait as long for that installment -- I plan to release it in Summer 2021.

Reality Bites will be available on Amazon next month. I will expand to iTunes, Nook, and Kobo in early Fall. If you're subscribed to my blog I will keep you posted on the release date (plus, you'll get a subscribers-only discount). Word of mouth will be critical in raising awareness, so if you enjoy the book I'm hoping you will tell others!

More info to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here is a taste of what awaits:

The United States in 2020 sits on a powder keg. Democrats and Republicans are locked in a fierce ideological war, the country is torn over its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cities are erupting in protests in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, police are treated as enemies of the people, and tensions are escalating everywhere.

The country seems more divided today than it’s been in decades. But why?

African American class activist and current affairs blogger Monica Harris believes it’s because self-serving career politicians and corporate-owned media have distorted our collective reality. They’ve convinced us that our differences are more important than what we have in common.

In a series of probing essays, Harris invites readers to re-think America’s socio-economic reality. Reality Bites takes a deep dive into current events and the culture of outrage to explore how division blinds the masses to an existential threat to all Americans: a predatory economic system that transfers money, power, and control to those at the top while gutting everyone else. It’s a threat that’s been hiding in plain sight for decades, but now it’s expanding at an unprecedented pace; the U.S. is quickly becoming a class-based “kingdom.”

While political opportunists and a compliant media stoke fear, anger, and unrest, they draw attention from the widespread problems plaguing communities of all colors: the crises in housing and education, the epidemic of homelessness, and the extinction of the middle class. And as skyrocketing unemployment from COVID-19 lockdowns pushes America into the Greatest Depression, the political and racial divide is also intensifying —but this isn’t by chance. Elites and their minions are keeping us busy fighting each other so we don’t focus on the common roots of our misery.

Reality Bites is Thomas Paine’s Common Sense for the 21st century -- an urgent wake-up call from a daring new voice in today’s conversation about class inequality. This timely and groundbreaking book is a rallying cry for unity that reminds Americans it’s not too late to change course. We can still save our country if we’re brave enough to resist the widening divide.

Monica developed her bold perspective on contemporary American socio-economic issues growing up in a working-class Southern California suburb. A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she practiced entertainment law for 20 years in Hollywood before moving to Montana where her unique insights into the relationship between rising political and racial tensions and America’s accelerating economic implosion has sharpened even further. Harris blends personal experiences and extensive research to explain how and why, regardless of race or political persuasions, most Americans have far more in common today than they realize.

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Monica Harris
Monica Harris
Aug 21, 2020

Thank you, Vickie!!


Aug 21, 2020

I'm in!!! I can't wait for that book to come out.

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