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Let's Stop Pretending...

Updated: May 31, 2023

We don’t live in the country we pretend to live in

Nearly two weeks after a record number of Americans cast their vote for president, President Donald Trump still hasn't conceded defeat to Joe Biden. Yesterday, violence erupted after tens of thousands of people poured into D.C. streets to protest an election they claim was stolen.

No matter how this situation unfolds over the next month, one thing is certain: America is now more divided than ever.

Bridging this divide will be one the greatest challenges we've ever faced, and we can only do it if we find the courage to be honest with ourselves. We will have to stop pretending.

I wrote Reality Bites to help us stop pretending so we can come together to solve our country's biggest problems. And clearly, the book is more timely now than it was when I started writing it four years ago.

If you've already pre-ordered, here's a taste of what awaits you when it drops on Amazon next week (Tuesday, November 17). And if you haven''s a taste of what you're missing.


Reality Bites-Intro
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