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If You're Wondering Why More Americans Are Skeptical of What They're Being Told, Allow Me to Explain

Updated: May 3, 2022

Any reasonable person who pulls focus can see that NOTHING that's happened in the last 20 years has made any sense

Every morning I wake up, turn on the news, and watch talking heads and pundits bemoan the lack of trust in government, media, and "experts."

"Why won't people listen to us when we're just trying to get life-saving shots in arms? Why are they turning to conspiracy websites, extremist groups, and disinformation agents to get 'fake news'?"

I don't have Don Lemon's ear at CNN, and I can't get anyone at The New York Times to give me the time of day. But if these people asked me why I think this is happening, this is what I would say.

The same people who told us:

That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction — until he didn't

That the housing market was fine in 2008 — until it imploded and torpedoed the economy a few months later

That Brexit would never happen — until it did

That Trump would never win — until he won

That when Trump did win it was because of Russian collusion — until we later learned he really won because of racism and white supremacy

That we must stay locked in our homes during a deadly pandemic while they get touch-ups at beauty salons and hold mask-less gala events with high roller donors

That masks don't work — until they do work

That protests during lockdowns are "super spreader" events when white people attend, but are legitimate "health interventions" when millions pour into streets to support BLM

That ransacking and torching communities in the name of fighting racism is"mostly peaceful," but stampeding the Capitol where powerful hypocrites reside is an act of insurrection

That Jussie Smollett was a victim of a hate crime — until we found out he lied and punk'd the world

That men are toxic, there is an infinite number of genders, and biologically-born females aren't the only people who can get pregnant

That COVID didn't come from a lab, and then that it probably did

That the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation when his father was running for president — until it became "real" news once the election was over

That Governor Cuomo was a COVID savior and leader, until we found out he's a granny killer

That they would NEVER take a vaccine developed at "warp speed" under Trump, and then that you MUST take the same vaccine (or else you're a murderer)

That the vaccine was supposed to end the pandemic, and then that it doesn't even stop the virus from spreading

That COVID cases are all we should focus on one day, but hospitalizations and deaths are all that matter the next day

These are the same people who are now telling us that the vaccine is "safe and effective," that any side effects are "rare," that there are no long-term risks, that we must absolutely take it, and if we don't we will be reduced to second class citizens on the fast-track to losing our right to work, travel, and shop or dine indoors.

Do you understand our skepticism now?

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