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I'm not selling this book. It's free. Here's why.

Some of the best things in life are free. This book is one of those things.


Six years ago, I started writing a book that would become an all-consuming labor of love and my impetus for creating this website. Back then, while the country was still basking in the glow of Barack Obama’s presidency and Donald Trump was a distant speck on the political radar, I could see our world changing on fundamental levels, in ways that weren’t making sense to me.


I was motivated to write because of an epiphany I had after "unplugging" from the southern California grind and disappearing into the Montana woods, a single thought that haunted me, day in and day out: we don't live in the world we’re told we live in, or the world we think we live in. We live in a world of illusions.


By the time I finished the book a year and a half ago, the changes that had prompted me to “drop out” of my old life were going parabolic. Humanity had entered a time of crisis – which (as any student of history knows) is also a time of opportunity. I sensed that a rare and special window was opening, one that would allow us to make sense of these changes and raise our awareness and understanding of our world in a profound way. But it was an opportunity we could only seize if we summoned the courage to see our leaders, our institutions, and each other through a completely new and different lens: if we allowed ourselves to see beyond the Veil of illusions that cloaks our world.


I fantasized that this book would find its way into the world through traditional channels. I imagined that some spunky editor at a mid-sized publishing house would pick up the manuscript on a lark, read the first few lines, and “get” it; that they would appreciate the timeliness of the message and the importance and urgency of delivering it. I dreamed that the book would resonate with like-minded and open-minded people, spreading by word of mouth and penetrating a critical mass of minds.


Of course, none of that happened. Publishers showed no interest, my life got busier, and so I shelved the project. The time wasn't right, and maybe I just wasn’t ready.


But that’s changed. Because of the speed at which events are unfolding, and because I believe the forces that control the Veil are working harder than ever to keep it in place, delivering this message now, by any means, is more important than ever. That’s why I’ve decided to release “Unplugged: Awakening to a World of Illusions” on this website, in bite-sized installments. I plan to upload a new chapter each week (or more often, if time permits) for my subscribers to enjoy.


I want to make this book available to the world.


With any luck, if what I’ve written resonates with you, there’s a chance you might share it with others. If fate is kind, this book will reach a critical mass and help plant the seeds of change for a new world – a world that might one day liberate humanity from the forces that have controlled it longer than any of us have been alive. I am only one voice among many trying to disseminate these seeds, and I believe the world we dream of us is within our grasp.


I will continue to blog about current events, but I believe that understanding the significance of these events – and how we respond and react to them – will largely depend on which side of the Veil we’re on.

I’m compelled to disseminate this book now, as widely as possible, because I think we’re running out of time. Humanity is fast approaching a fork in the road and a point of no return. I believe we can only create a new and better world if we allow ourselves to see the Veil of illusions that has distorted our collective reality for decades and centuries. Until we’re willing to question everything we’ve been told and everything we’ve wanted to believe in, our world will remain broken in ways we can’t begin to imagine.

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