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The Bigger Picture is Officially Live!

Happy Sunday!

Just a quick shout out to let you know that my Substack, The Bigger Picture, is finally up and running!! You can subscribe below:

For those of you who've followed Unplugged for a while, you know this Substack has been a long time coming!

FYI I will not be posting any new articles on Unplugged. So if you want to keep following me you will need to subscribe through Substack.

I’ve uploaded my most recent articles to The Bigger Picture, but you can always access the full archives of all my past posts here on Unplugged. That said, please feel free to stop by now and then, as I will keep this site up to date with info about my speaking engagements, interviews and videos, books, and other cool stuff.

Lastly, I'll be uploading my first post to The Bigger Picture soon. Stay tuned and hope to see you there!

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