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Thinking of Ways For Us All to Connect..

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Just wanted to throw a quick note out there. It seems so much is happening lately that it's tough to keep up with developments. I've never been a fan of Facebook (for the obvious reasons), but I'm thinking it might be a quick-n-dirty way to exchange information in real time to a broader group of people. I try to avoid Twitter because the character limit doesn't allow me to post much of substance. I've found Parler to be very clumsy, and it's difficult for members to get "verified" so they can comment or contribute content.

Anyway, if you're interested and want to contribute to the group our follow what I'm tracking every day, please check out my Unplugged page:

Note: I'm not suggesting this as a perfect solution; it's just the quickest way I could think of to connect people instantly since most of my friends still have a Facebook account (even if they rarely check it).

If you know of other easily accessible apps that will allow us to connect with each other seamlessly, without Facebook's limitations, please pass them along. I'm totally open to suggestions.

Now more than ever, the information we share with one another will be the most powerful tool for those who stay in the Light.

Be well!!

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