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Taliban on Door-to-Door Hunt for Americans Left in Afghanistan

Updated: Sep 6

The U.S. government has officially abandoned its own citizens in hostile territory

Despite former President Trump's claims to the contrary, there was likely no "clean" way to exit Afghanistan; collateral damage from the 20-year military debacle was probably inevitable and shouldn't have surprised anyone. What is surprising, however, is who became part of that damage.

There's no way of telling how many Americans are still in Afghanistan following a final evacuation effort on August 31 that President Biden called a "success." While the government estimates the number to be less than 250, other sources put the number in the thousands. The horrifying reality is that we will probably never know just how many American citizens were left behind. What we do know is that most of these people are civilians, not military personnel, who aren't equipped to defend themselves. Journalists. Women. Children. Even pregnant women. Some many be killed, some may become victims of human trafficking, many may be tortured.

Of greater significance than how this disaster unfolded and which president was in charge when it happened is how Americans have responded to the plight of their fellow citizens.

There's been no outrage. No violent fits or protests in the streets. No indignant efforts to hold accountable the people responsible for endangering innocent lives.

The silence is absolutely deafening.

"Leave no man behind" was once a motto that fueled daring rescue attempts of P.O.W.s in Vietnam and fueled anger over 52 Americans held hostage in Iran.

But not anymore.

We now live in a country where citizens will loot and burn cities when four rogue police officers take the life of one man, yet look the other way when an untold number of lives hang in the balance because their government chose to abandon them.

"A pregnant woman from California who is stranded in Afghanistan said the Taliban is “hunting” Americans now that the US military has withdrawn from the country​.​

The woman, identified by her first name, Nasria, to protect her from reprisals, is among the up to 200 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan.

“There’s been days, you know, where I think to myself, ‘Am I going to make it home? Am I going to end up living here? Am I going to end up dying here?​’​” Nasria ​told Voice of Americain an interview recorded on Friday.

She said after the US completed its military withdrawal on Aug. 31, the Taliban began “hunting Americans.”

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