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For Those In Need of Hope...

Updated: Jan 18

The Awakening has begun, it can’t be stopped, and those in control know it. Time is on OUR side, not theirs

I'm re-posting the message below from a Reddit sub (with some small tweaks and edits) because I think many of us really need to hear it now. It was written by a citizen of the EU and echoes many of my sentiments on our current situation and what lies ahead:

If you are in need of hope, read this.

I am a guy who over the years started seeing the mess we're living in and had a pretty grim outlook on the future.

I think your guys know what I mean, and I also think many of you are still looking at the world in a pretty grim way. I can't blame you. So did I.

Over the years I got fooled by the mainstream media like many of you, and even got fooled by Q-Apostles as well as self-appointed political saviors like some of you. That's okay; it was part of my learning process.

What I am describing here is just my views of the world and why I no longer am afraid of what is to come.

First off, why was I afraid? Surely not because I couldn't let go of this mess we are facing; it was the fear of something even worse. No need to tell you that I've gotten a couple of ideas of where this could lead to just like you did.

So I started to look at the ways this scenario could or could not happen. Now we all have heard about ideas behind migration, climate change, pandemic, financial redesign etc. and how they could lead to something much worse and more frightening, like a power grab by the richest people in the world.

So let me start with immigration. Thinking back to 2015, I and nearly everyone else in Europe remembers what happened that year. We were divided over the issue of massive, unchecked immigration. It was the most divisive topic back in the days.

How did it end?

It's now 2021, and another wave of immigration threatens Europe. But this year, not even the most liberal politicians dare utter the words "Migrants welcome.” They remember how this turned out in 2015. The small but vocal minority that accused anyone of being racist if they dared to oppose immigration -- for any reason -- is nowhere to be heard now.

Of course, one can legitimately ask the question: what does the opinion of the population even matter to them? Well, it doesn't matter, as long as people are complying.

But I see many people, even powerful ones, who are no longer willing to comply, and our numbers are in no way comparable to the numbers from a couple of years ago. Today everyone and his cousin has heard about "plans" to transform the world, and more people are resolved not to play along than ever before.

I want to highlight something that isn't being talked about much. We tend to forget that the elites aren’t just one big entity. They have varying levels of power and different things to gain and to lose.

If you look at political personalities like Trump, Putin, Hungary's Orbán,Brazil's Bolsonaro, and some others, you can see that part of the elite are actually in disagreement with the "one planet, one nation mentality." They are at odds with the globalist agenda that many fear will usher in a New World Order (NWO).

And this shouldn't be really surprising. A local elite (like an owner of a national retail chain) has nothing to gain by destroying his own business and culture. They bask in the economy and culture that allows them to create special events and make them feel accomplished.

These people can see the demolition of our economy and our values just as well as you and I can. What do they gain by crashing the economy that their own business may be reliant upon? I know that some very, very high level players have nothing to lose or are willing to make sacrifices for their longer term goals, but there are many elites who actually have a lot more to lose, and they will hold firm against these globalist plans.

I truly believe that today we are witnessing an epic battle amongst the elites. I see just as many bots and disinformation agents pushing anti-NWO propaganda as there are shills/disinformation agents pushing NWO propaganda. I understand the concept of controlled opposition, but I can also see real opposition here.

While people like Trump, Putin, Orban, Bolsonaro, etc, might be part of the elite, a lot of things they say and do go directly against a NWO. In the process, they have accelerated an awakening among millions of people to the economic and social atrocities we've been suffering for years. No matter what the intentions of these elites were or are, many people now realize that the opposition was always controlled and that we can no longer blindly rely on any political party. We are now realizing that we need to think for ourselves. And no matter what plans other elites/globalists might or might not have, our choice to think for ourselves is a very real threat to them.

I see more and more people starting to feel a positivity within themselves. Many of us can't even explain why, but we do feel the change. Realizing that no matter what we believed in, we have all been living in fear, and fear is the greatest weapon of those in control. Fear will never be our ally. All over the world, people have stopped reacting to fear, whether its fear of those who don't look like them, fear of those who don't vote the way they do, or fear of a virus. It's like a natural "spiritual" herd immunity slowly building itself over the course of time, and the current pandemic has accelerated this process. No more middle roads are allowed now; the choice is either to live in fear and surrender to control, or to pursue freedom, and more and more people are choosing freedom.

In the grand scheme of things, this is the true underlying force that is and has been transforming our world. Regardless of the brand of fear (fear of racism, fear of economic collapse, fear of pandemic), we can allow ourselves to be controlled by fear, or let go of it and take away all its power.

This transformation is taking place on multiple levels all around us. Importantly, those in power see this transformation and are threatened by it. They are now showing signs of weakness, and you can bet that their subordinates will be ready to stab them in the back the first chance they get. The people who serve those in control now realize that they will be sacrificed the moment it suits their masters. This is how all corrupt power dies in the end because every structure they have built is based on fear. No structure like this can last forever, and this one won't, either. It's already collapsing.

Millions of people all around the world already see and are prepared for what those in control have planned for us based on fear, so their plans can't possibly work now. Too many are awake now. They say just 1% of a population with a strong will is enough to change the course of the world. Now imagine how we're standing with our current numbers, which are way more than 1%. There are hundreds of millions of us.

Time is on our side. Their corrupt, fear-based power structure is collapsing because every day, more people are deciding that they will no longer buy into their ill-designed plans for our future.

So if you still see the world pitch black now, you aren't crazy. Yes, things in our everyday lives are worse than ever before. But as a collective, our rebirth has already begun. Fear is already losing its power over us. Never underestimate how easy it is to do something that "feels" right compared to something you know is wrong. This goes for the very poor and for the super rich. It's actually much easier to do what's right; we just need a little push, a reason to give up on our fear. Every day, more people everywhere are finding the courage to do this.

It's said that it's always darkest before the dawn, but let me also remind you of what happens around Christmas: 3 days after the darkest day of the year (winter solstice), we are already celebrating the rebirth of light. It's still dark as hell outside, but nonetheless we are already sure that the light has started winning over the darkness and thus our days will eventually become longer. We know that light is coming.

So at this point, let us celebrate the darkness that we have left behind us and not fret about the darkness that still lies ahead, because we can be confident in our knowledge that the light has already begun to triumph over darkness.

Don't give those in control, who feed on our fear, the satisfaction of letting it have any effect on you. Always remember that this is and always has been their only weapon and that time is on our side, not theirs. The longer we resist, the weaker they become.

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